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Concession Stand Schedule

Concession Stand requirments

As a Blue Line Club member you will be scheduled to work the concession stand throughout the year.  It is the member's responsibility to check the website for an updated schedule of their assigned times.  A hard copy of the concession stand schedule is no longer mailed to each member.  Concession duties usually consist of 3 hour shifts.

First time workers should arrive 15 minutes before their shift starts in order to receive instructions on how to operate the concessions.

Should you find it necessary to bring your children, please remember that ONLY adults are allowed to work, NOT children. 

Concession stand hours DO NOT go towards volunteer hour.

Each member is responsible for finding their replacement if necessary.  If you do not show up for your assigned shift, you will be assessed a $90 fee.

The profits from the concession stand contribute to the operation of the hockey and figure skating programs.