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Volunteer Hours

Need Volunteer Hours?

Public Skating

December 14th

Public Skating

December 23rd

New Years Eve Party

December 31st

2018-2019 Bears Season

Various Dates

Family Volunteer Hours

Each family is responsible for 30 hours (30 hours per family) and each New Family for the first year is responsible for 10 hours (10 hours per family).

Concession stand SCHEDULED hours do not count toward your volunteer hours. Any event that you work extra concession hours may be counted toward your total.  

Time spent working the penalty box, time keeping or operating the Zamboni for REGULARLY scheduled season game DO NOT count toward your total commitment.  However, hours spent doing these jobs for tournaments do count.  

 You will need to see your event coordinator to log your hours. Your event coordinator will have a sign in/out sheet. If you do not sign in/out on the sheets your event coordinator has, you will not be credited for hours worked for that event.         

Each member is responsible for signing in his or her hours on the log sheet.  When recording your hours please print in a clean and legible manner.  Please remember to sign in and out.  If your name or  hours can not be read, they will not get credited to your family volunteer hours.  Make sure FIRST and LAST names are recorded since we have several families with same last name.  Please do not sign as "close" of event - as each event closes at different times.  Persons not logging a start or end time will not get credit. 

 Volunteer hours accumulate from May through April each season.     

Each member is responsible for scheduling his or her own volunteer time.  Events and chairpersons are usually posted on the bulletin board at the Family Ice Center and on the website.  If you do not fulfill your committment, you will be assessed a fee of $35 per hour. 

A buy option is available for $750. 

Opportunities for Volunteer Hours

The events listed below are opportunities to fulfill family volunteer hours.  Sign up sheets will be located on bulletin board in front lobby of rink.

Figure Skating Events/Competitions:

  • January                    Foot of the Lake
  • March                       Annual Ice Show

Facility Maintenance - Monthly  Please contact Dave Overbo if interested - see Committees tab for more information.

Walleye Weekend - Kiwanis tent - June          

 Remember that volunteering and communication are essential in making the Blueline Hockey and Figure Skating programs SUCCESSFUL....Thanks for getting involved!


Questions Re: Volunteer Hours

If you have any questions on hours that may or may not be logged in please email Ryan Blick at