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2020 Fall Fire Up


Any registrations that are cancelled 1 week prior to the event will only receive a 50% refund. 

2020 Schedule

Black Bears Squirt Champions

Black Bears Squirt Champions


Bears White Pee Wee Champions


Game Play Squirt, Pee Wee, & Bantam Rules

  • USA Hockey membership needed
  • USA Hockey rules govern play.
  • Brackets, pairings, and game times have been set by Fond du Lac Blue Line Tournament Director
  • A Squirt- Bantam team is defined as 15 Skaters and 2 Goalie. This is a max per team.
  • 5 x 5 Play with a goalie per team
  • All referee judgement calls are final.
  • No Players will be allowed on the ice until after the Zamboni door closes & Referees are on the ice.
  • Each game will have a 3 minute warm-up prior to the start of the game.
  • Three, 13 minutes stop time periods. There is a 6 goal run time rule in effect.
  • Game OT Rules: 1 vs 1 for 1 minute: For a maximum of three rounds. Player can only be used once in OT. After 3 rounds and no goals are scored, game ends in a tie.
  • The ice will be resurfaced prior to each game.


Game Play Mite Rules

  1. A Mite team is defined at 8 skaters.
  2. 2. Each game will be played half ice 4 x 4 with goalie when possible.
  3. Games will consist of a 3-minute warm-up and two 25 minute halfs
  4. A horn/buzzer will sound every :90 seconds to alert a change of players on the ice. Changes will happen on the fly. After each horn/buzzer all players must skate toward their net before skating to the puck.
  5. One Refs will be on the ice maintaining play and keeping score
  6. Fall Fire Up Mites will use black pucks
  7. Game Play:  When the goalie freezes the puck, the attacking team must retreat past center ice before they can pressure the puck. When goals are scored, the team that scored must retreat back and circle their own net before they are allowed to pressure the puck. The team that gets scored on, must take the puck out of the net and retreat behind their own net before they can attack offensively

Tournament Rules

  • 3 Points for a win
  • 2 Points for a OT Win
  • 1 Point for an OT Loss
  • 1 Point for Tie


Tournament Play Tie Breakers

  • Head to Head
  • Goal Differential (6 Goal Cap Per Game)
  • Goals for divided by goals against
  • Goals for divided by goals for plus goals against
  • Paper, Rock Sissors or Coin Flip
  • Bantam Division Champion is based on overall points. 
Blue Thunder Champions

Blue Thunder Mite Champions

Player Rink Guidelines

  • Players are allowed to come in to the rink 15 minutes prior
    • Players are asked to be at least half way dressed prior to each game
    • A changing area for skates, helmets, and gloves will be assigned
  • Goalies are allowed to come into the rink 30 minutes prior to the game to get fully changed
    • Goalie parents are allowed to come into the rink with their skaters prior to help them get dressed
  • Players have 10 minutes to vacate the building after their game
    • Skaters and Spectators are asked to leave out the back door of Rink A and back door of Rink B.
    • Diagrams will be around the rink show parents and spectators where to exit
  • Skaters need to provide their own water bottles. 
    • Any water bottles left after a game will be thrown away

Spectator Rink Guidelines

  • We will allow 2 spectators in the rink per skater. They can only be immediate family or guardians.
    • No siblings over the age of 2
      • Siblings under the age of 2 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT AT ALL TIMES.
    • No grandparents, aunts, or uncles. 
  • Spectators can only enter the rink 5 minutes prior to the scheduled game
  • Spectators must leave the building immediately following the game

Food & Beverages

  • No food or beverages are allowed in the building.
    • Exceptions are for the siblings under the age of 2


  • A waiver will be sent out next Monday. This waiver is to be brought in by each skater before their first game
  • Please be aware, we are not allowing any skater to participate in the Fall Fire Up if they have had a member of their household with Covid two weeks prior to the event starting. 

Face Coverings

In accordance with the Governor's Emergency Order, the Fond du Lac Blue Line  requires face coverings for all people (skaters, volunteers, and coaches) while inside the building.  Exceptions to the requirement will only be allowed for individuals with medical conditions or other sensory sensitivities that prevent the wearing of a face covering. 

  • The Fond du Lac Blue Line will not discriminate against skaters who have medical excuses that prohibit them from wearing a mask on the ice. 
  • Your skater is to simply notify their coaches or monitors  that you have a medical condition that prevents the wearing of a mask.  They will not inquire as to what your medical issue is or ask you to provide documentation. 


Any registrations that are cancelled 1 week prior to the event will only receive a 50% refund.