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SCRIP Program

Scrip Program

SCRIP is not a required program instead it's meant to be a family's personal choice to help off-set your skating registration fees.  Most of you may be familiar with Scrip since it is used in some schools through the FDL District.  With Scrip,  BlueLine families can earn money just by making their regular household purchases. But instead of paying with cash or credit, they use prepaid gift cards from America’s favorite and most trusted retailers.

SCRIP is a common program in the schools, and is now being offered through Blueline Club. With SCRIP gift cards you can earn 90% of the individual vendor’s offered percentage back to apply towards your next season registration fees,10% of the individual vendor’s percentage go to the club’s general fund.

All FSC and Hockey Scrip orders must be in respective drop boxes in the front lobby at the rink by Saturday at Noon.  Gift cards can then picked up from your representative the following Friday.  

The attached order form is mainly a guideline and does not reflect any bonus percentage that happen or the large list of retailers that participate.  Anytime there is a bonus percentage that is automatically reflected in your weekly/bi-weekly order.  If there is a retailer that is not listed and you want to know if they participate, please go to the and you can just note the retailer and quantity you want to order on the bottom or back of your order form.

Please contact your appropriate representative for any additional questions.


Figure Skating Scrip Rep

Kim Trent     


Hockey Scrip Rep

Christine Rottman                       920-251-54555