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Front Door Guidelines

Front Door WAHA Game Guidelines

Entry Requirements:

Enter 30-minute prior: Coaches, U14-U19 Skaters (Warm Up Only) Goalies, Zam Drivers and Refs

Enter 15-minute prior:  Clock Operators, and U12, U10, U8, U6 Skaters

Enter at scheduled game time: Penalty Box workers and parents (following spectator rule below)

*U8 Parents are allowed into the rink 15 minutes prior with the skaters

* U14-U19 Skaters are allowed in rink 30 minutes early to warm up. Must be accompanied by a coach and must warm up in the rink they are playing. No use of bleachers.


All skaters and spectators must wear a mask inside the building

Players must wear a mask on the ice or HECC Approved Helmet


2 Spectators per player: Additional siblings allowed that are 2 and under 

·Example of Allowed 1: 1 adult, 1 child over 2

·Example of Allowed: 1 adult, 1 child over 2, 1 child under 2

·Example of Allowed: 2 adults, 1 child under 2

·Example of NOT ALLOWED: 2 adults, 1 or more children over the age of 2.

·Example of NOT ALLOWED: 1 adult, 2 or more children over the age of 2

·Split families must adhere to the 2 spectators’ policy. No exceptions

Temp Checks

Anyone entering the rink must have temperature taken. Anyone over 100.3 will not be admitted to the rink

·If a temperature is over 100.3 parent or skater can go outside for 5 minutes and come back in and try again