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Thunder Eval Groups

Definition of Tryout Terms

Skills: Free skates to attend so your skater can prepare for evals

Evals: A form of tryouts where your skater is evaluated by independent evaluators.

Tryouts: After evals and kids are ranked, a yet to be determined amount of players will be allowed to tryout for A & B teams. Eval

Tryout Groups: These are randomly selected groups that your skater will be placed in for evals. The groups are emailed and placed on website generally two weeks prior to evals.

Tryout Reps

Squirts Pee Wee Bantam Girls Goalies
Kent Ellingson Mike King Brian Blankenheim Christine Rottman Grant Gysbers
Jamie Cleland Jake Kohlman Jeff Wills Andy Rebek

Jeff Deanovich

Hockey Committee Chair

Ken McKay

Hockey Committee Chair

2018-2019 in-Season age reps (not tryout reps)

Intro To Hockey Mite Squirt Pee Wee Bantam Girls
Ryan Blick Ryan Blick Dave Carlson Doug Carlson Jeff Wills Dean Deanovich

What does the Winter Season look like? 

  • Skills Sessions, Evals, and Tryouts start in September
  • Season ends in beginning of March at State Tournament (if your team qualifies)
  • Practices are generally on Tuesday/Thursday evenings
  • Times are around: 6:00pm (U8), 6:50pm (Squirts), 7:50pm (Pee Wee) & 9:00pm (Bantams)
  • Games for Squirts, Pee Wee, and Banam are on Saturday/Sunday. Times by team vary 
  • U8's attend jamborees. Amount varies by color and team.
  • Squirts-Bantams: Teams attend anywhere from 1-4 tournaments. Varies by team and level.